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Powerful Parenting!
-Highly Effective and Unique for 10 Reasons!


1. All ages! All behaviours!

We spent years creating this program so that regardless of the behaviours or ages you are dealing with, you get the powerful strategies you need to cater to your child's individual needs! And it works! If you have tried everything else, you've come to the right place! This program will work when other techniques have failed! We will give you the system, tools and strategies to help your child succeed regardless of what issues they are experiencing! With this powerful approach, we're yet to meet a child we cannot help!

2. A fully comprehensive and complete program!

Designed to be a stand-alone, fully comprehensive resource, this program leaves no stone unturned! It covers everything from how to set up the home environment to succeed with behaviour, explicitly teach behaviour skills, respond to behaviour with meaningful consequences and avoid toxic forms of behaviour management right through to how to develop a relationship of love and respect with your child; build your child's healthy inner voice, independence and self esteem; use highly-effective, behaviour-changing communication techniques; evaluate the quality of the school environment and how to regain your power as a parent, leader and authoritarian within the home as you strive for change yourself.

3. A 'parent-and-child' training program!

Not a 'parent-only' nor 'child-only' training program, this Program is a 'parent-and-child' training program β€” the only format for long-term, genuine change. This is our way of ensuring the entire family develops the skills for success!

4. Affordable, convenient and fully downloadable!

No ongoing specialist appointments! No expensive consultancy fees! We will send you the entire program straight to your computer. Easy, convenient! Once you download the Powerful Parenting® Program you can start with practical strategies straight away! The program includes all the resources you need including 100 +pages of beautiful designed resources.

5. Powerful, proactive and preventative!

We know what works with behaviour management and what regularly fails. No more reacting with punishments, yelling or tension! We will put you back in the driver's seat where you belong, and show you step-by-step how to prevent problems while ensuring genuine change takes place with existing issues! We will give you a completely new way of approaching your parenting and managing your child's behaviour as you help your family achieve the peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives you all deserve.

6. A Long, proven track record!

Countless children, countless issues! The powerful strategies and principles that underpin this Program have succeeded with a large variety of children with very different behavioural, emotional and social needs β€” and will work for your child too! Please read our Terrific Testimonials! Many of these parents were just like you!

7. 12 Steps all working together for remarkable results

No more searching for the 'answers'! The Powerful Parenting® Program will take the stress out of parenting for you by giving you the clear and concise answers you're after. Our parents learn how to be firm yet loving, skilled and confident behaviour managers while all 12 steps of the program combine to produce real results.

8. Long-term success!

Powerful Parenting® is not something you will start, and then stop. It is a 'way' of approaching behaviour management that will guide your parenting and give you ongoing behaviour management success. Once you learn these life-changing strategies, you will come to rely on them as a part of your parenting as your child transitions from early childhood to those challenging upper primary school years! You will be assured of long-term powerful parenting results!

9. Highly-effective, unique and guaranteed to help!

Powerful Parenting® doesn't pull any punches. It's based on practical, behaviour-changing strategies that will put in back in the control seat where you belong... It's honest, easy-to-follow, and will result in huge changes for the whole family. It will both challenge and inspire you to become the strong, fantastic parent your child needs you to be, while helping your child to become the respectful, kind, loving and cooperative son or daughter you will be proud of.

10. So much more than behaviour management!

The Powerful Parenting® Program is about so much more than managing behaviour! You will learn how to help your child develop a healthy inner voice, develop their self-esteem and self confidence; make great choices; take full responsibility; problem solve calmly and independently, become a strong leader, listen effectively, follow rules and routines; be self-managed! The list goes on! This program will have you all embracing change, building onto your successes; having fun together, celebrating your achievements, and enjoying relationships with each other as your family moves forward! Please see our 'PROGRAM' page and 'TESTIMONIALS' for more details!


  • No ongoing specialist appointments!
  • No expensive consultancy fees
  • No academic jargon!
  • No more searching for the ‘answers'
  • No more punishments, yelling or tension
  • Step-by-step and practical
  • Fun and easy-to-implement
  • Solve behaviour management issues for years to come!
  • Achieve great success as a family!
  • For amazing results and genuine change!