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Welcome To Award-Winning Powerful Parenting Australia



Parents and Educators! We ensure children learn great behaviour with our AWARD-WINNING downloadable program! And all without the yelling, time-outs, punishments, arguments and problems!


We're so excited! We have helped countless parents, teachers and children succeed with behaviour, and we are ready help you too!

At Powerful Parenting Australia we will equip and empower you with the most highly-effective and proven strategies we have, to ensure you not only succeed with behaviour but excel at family and behaviour management!

We know counting to three, time-outs, punishments and rewards DON'T WORK with today's behaviours! These old strategies are ineffective and result in frustrated parents and angry children!


We have helped numerous parents with our Award-Winning DOWNLOADABLE Powerful Parenting® 12-Step Program!

For 20+ years we have helped children of all ages achieve fantastic results with their behaviour in a variety of educational settings.... Now our drive is to help parents achieve the same great results with behaviour at home! We are passionate about ensuring families succeed with all aspects of behaviour management over the long term! For children, from 2+years of age to upper primary, our unique 200+ page program, ‘Powerful Parenting–12 simple steps to behaviour success! is unlike any other program available. We are excited that our program is helping numerous children make genuine changes to their behaviour and enjoy great personal and behaviour success!



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Powerful Parenting® Program!


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