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Davina Sharry - Senior Educator, Behaviour Management Specialist, Founder and Director of Powerful Parenting Australia


Background, Education and Experience

Davina Sharry is a full time, experienced Early Childhood Specialist . With over 20 year's experience, she has been classified as a 'Senior teacher' and awarded the top teaching 'Suitability Rating of 1'. Davina has a Bachelor Degree in teaching with a major in Early Childhood Education and a further Post Graduate Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Davina has had years of experience teaching a diverse range of children from differing social and cultural backgrounds with various physical and behavioural needs - both in Australia and in the U.K An integral part of Davina's teaching life has been the programming and curriculum decision-making for children with learning difficulties and remedial needs. She has taught in a variety of challenging environments and has worked with a number of ‘at-risk' children. Additional training saw Davina utalise her knowledge and experience to form the backbone of a range of early childhood intervention and support programs for both individual children and small groups and to present whole school development and training workshops to share pedagogy and preventative behaviour management strategies with colleagues.






Dear Miss Sharry. It's Samuel here. Remember when you helped me with my behaviour? Well I will really really really really miss your help. You are my number one teacher and you are one of my best friends. You have changed me so much.ME + You = (Best) Friends!” Samuel S. Ilford Essex, UK

Davina, and her father Lawrence, are individuals who really care and genuinely want to help families, educators and children achieve great results with behaviour and behaviour management. I highly recommend this program and feel truly blessed to have found it. I look forward to watching their journey as they get the opportunity to change the lives of so many. They are my heroes. Vonnie Reyolds, Senior Nurse and Mother of two - Bondall QLD   

“All I ever hear at home is Miss Sharry this, Miss Sharry that... I have never knownMonique to adore any other teacher the way she adores you. I'm so blessed to have you as her teacher. Thank you so much for your dedication. I’m so very grateful that Monique has a wonderful woman as Miss Sharry as her role model.  E. Ganbale

Davina Sharry is a force of love, knowledge and a true understanding of how to set up your child and family for behaviour management success!!”  Alison Chandler - Bird

"Davina is a beautifully cheerful person. She is a person who has such a passion and enthusiasm, and such a love of children. She seems to have an innate understanding of children and behaviour. What Davina Sharry is offering is something, I think, that is really wonderful and I cannot more highly recommend it." Lionel Fifield - Director of the Relaxation Centre of Queensland for National and International Speakers

“Davina Sharry is a dedicated, enthusiastic teacher whose willingness to go the extra mile to assist the children in her care is a very special attribute and one that I recommend highly. As the School Principal, I have no hesitation in recommending Davina and I wish her well in her new venture.” John Shelley B.Ed. Grad. Dip Ed Admin. Dip. Teach. Cert.T. FQIEA., MQASSP. JP. Principal Thornlands State School Australia

LONDON BOROUGH OF REDBRIDGE EDUCATION FACILITY “Davina is very intuitive, creative, thoughtful and caring. We took advantage of her expertise and asked her to take a leading role in developing our Behaviour Management Policy and Practice while she was working with our school.” Lesley Hagon, Head Principal IllfordPrimary, Essex London UK

“Davina, I believe if there were more teachers and people like you in the world, we would have more well-adjusted children. Thank you.” Tracey Delahunty Rochedale South QLD

“I shall be contacting the Principal lending my support to your Behaviour Management Strategies…Thank you for dealing so successfully with the problem my daughter Rebecca was facing.” Jeannine Lewis, Essex UK

“Thank you for everything you have done to help Callum.. He has calmed down so much since you have helped him. Thank you for boosting Callum’s self esteem.” Melanie Stern Ilford, Essex UK


Award-Winning Powerful Parenting Australia

Davina Sharry B.Teach. Grad. Dip. ECE is a senior early childhood specialist with over 18 years experience and is the proud Founder and Director of Powerful Parenting® Australia. Davina has spent most of her career passionately helping children of all ages achieve remarkable results with their social and emotional development and behaviour. The co-author of Harmony in the Home, and author of the highly-effective 12-step program, Powerful Parenting – 12 simple steps to behaviour success!, Davina uses her parent-training presentations and comprehensive, downloadable Powerful Parenting® Program to give parents the proven strategies they need to achieve the same results with behaviour in the home.

With an ever-increasing number of families that the Powerful Parenting® Program has now helped, and many years experience in education and behaviour management, Davina has firmly established herself as a passionate advocate for children and as the trusted authority in not only managing behaviour, but in changing children’s behaviour for the long-term. She is well positioned to share her strategies, tactics and systems with you to ensure you succeed with behaviour management in the same way!















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