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PART ONE of the Powerful Parenting Program - 'Understanding Behaviour':

  • What is 'behaviour' and how are we collectively trying to manage it?
  • Why our typical approach to behaviour is problematic and failing
  • Why do so many behaviour programs and approaches fail with behaviour today?
  • How to avoid failure-prone tactics that make behaviours problems worse
  • What is happening with behaviour in our schools and childcare centres?
  • How to avoid the problems when managing behaviour
  • How to change children's behaviour over the long-term and help them succeed
  • How to achieve great results yourself as a teacher or parent by accessing this unique, tested-and-proven system of behaviour management

PART TWO - The comprehensive 12 step Solution:

  • How to eliminate factors outside the programme that adversely affect behaviour
  • How to create a home environment that will help you succeed with behaviour
  • How to empower children with the skills they need for personal and behaviour success!
  • Powerful communication techniques ensure adults succeed in helping children change for the long-term
  • How to avoid toxic language that makes behaviour worse
  • How to prevent behaviour problems from occurring
  • How to respond with 'meaningful consequences' to create change!
  • How to teach children about the power of making the right choices
  • How to ensure children learn clam, skilled and independent problem-solving without the conflicts
  • Avoid making behaviour worse with these toxic management techniques!
  • Time to develop a strong relationship of love and respect with your child
  • Build your child's self esteem and help them develop a positive inner voice
  • Create the change in yourself to positively impact your child

PART THREE - The Resources

  • Over 100 pages of beautiful and carefully-designed resources that accompany the program
TOTAL: $135+GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax)


Once purchased, the Powerful Parenting Program is downloaded straight from our website to your computer. There's no waiting for the post to arrive or having to find the time to pick up registered mail. The program is easily downloaded straight to your desk top! (See Further Details Below!)


Once your payment is verified, usually taking one or two working days, you will receive an email from us with the title, 'Powerful Parenting Program Download'. This email will contain a 'LINK' as well as some simple instructions telling you how to download your Powerful Parenting Program. The 'LINK' will remain ACTIVE FOR 48 HOURS from the time we email you-enough time for you to download the program at your convenience. Because of the increased filtering of emails by ISPs and various email companies, you may not receive your Powerful Parenting Program in your INBOX. We would ask that you check your TRASH, SPAM and BULK-type Folders for your download. It really does depend on your email filter set up. Thanks.

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We do offer our parent community the opportunity to have consultancy over the phone or with Skype, but there is one very important condition. We do little consultancy as the Powerful Parenting® Program truly is very easy-to-understand, and has achieved great success showing parents step-by-step how to achieve behaviour success... We do understand though, that sometimes parents have extenuating circumstances and need extra guidance. For example with older teenagers still at home, or if one partner does not want to participate or even if there are problems between separated parents... For this reason, we have decided to make ourselves available for consultancy. The condition is that parents investing in consultancy have purchased the program, read it from cover-to-cover, and have genuinely tried to put the strategies and practices into place. After that commitment, we're all yours!

One 45 minute Consultancy Session $85

Two 45 minute Consultancy Sessions $147

Three 45 minute Consultancy Sessions $197

All prices for this product are quoted in Australian Dollars and will include Goods and Services Tax

Consultancy Sessions: