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Frequently Asked Questions


Simply scroll down the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page to read the answers to a wide variety of frequently asked questions! This will further help you to make an informed decision about the Powerful Parenting® Program.

Topics Covered:

1. The Powerful Parenting® Program

2. What makes Powerful Parenting® so successful and unique?

3. Privacy, Payments and Online Security


                  1. The Powerful Parenting® Program:                     


Should I organise consultancy with you or buy the Program?

The initial goal of Powerful Parenting was to consult with parents and engage in speaking presentations. The idea of consulting with a smaller number of parents each day was very limiting. Added to this, some parents receiving help had asked if they could have written notes. Those notes turned into a 5 year long project, the result of which is the Powerful Parenting® Program. The Program has been designed to be a stand-alone, comprehensive program. We can honestly say, not many parents ask for consultancy after investing in the Powerful Parenting Program and starting! We are proud of the fact it is written in easy-to-follow steps, and will not only change the way you parent but bring about great changes in your child in the long-term.

We have recently added consultancy to our shop, and it is now available in various packages.


What ages does the Powerful Parenting® Program cater for?

To have a program that is effective regardless of your child's age or behaviour, is without a doubt, what makes this program a leader in the field of behaviour management. Most programs have lists of rules and procedures for different sexes and ages! Many are highly academic and readily fail as children get older and wiser! Powerful Parenting is a one-size-fits-all, easy and practical program that will show you step-by-step how to cater to your child's individual needs, and will work! The aim of the Program is to give your child the skills they need for ongoing social and emotional success. We have had so many 2 year olds thrive on this program - we have to now say it's for children from 2+ years of age to upper primary/early high school.


12 Steps to behaviour success! How can that be?

Behaviour management is such a complex area and there are so many parents and children needing help out there... Unfortunately most behaviour programs focus on reacting to behaviour in an attempt to control it! Behaviour is so much more complex than that. That is why Powerful Parenting will not show you how or where to punish your child; nor will it advocate putting your child onto a meaningless ‘time-out' chair or on any other object for that matter! There will not be any counting to three or waiting for ‘magic' to occur!

What the Powerful Parenting® Program will show you in 12 comprehensive steps however, is how to become an informed and highly effective Behaviour Manager who can competently deal with the behaviour we see today, as well as confidently handle the challenges that may be headed your way in the future! Powerful Parenting will ultimately give you the tools you need to set your child up to be confident, independent, controlled and socially skilled! (We'd like to see any time-out chair achieve that!) 


Long-term success - Is that possible?

Powerful Parenting aims to show you how to be a firm yet loving parent as well as a skilled behaviour manager. The strategies in this program are not something you will ‘do' for a few months and then stop... Once you learn them - you will make them your own and come to rely on them as a part of your parenting as your child transitions from early childhood to those challenging upper primary school years!


Can the Powerful Parenting® Program help all my family?

The short answer is: YES!! Not a 'child only' nor a ‘parent only' training program, Powerful Parenting is a ‘Parent-and-Child' training program - the only format according to research to ensure genuine change takes place for both the parents and child. Powerful Parenting works hard to help the whole family turn to a new page and start over again! There is nothing more powerful or effective than the whole family learning, achieving and succeeding together! 


How long does it take to see changes?

Naturally every child is different, just as every parent is different. Parents prepared to take this Program on board and incorporate it into their day-to-day parenting, embrace the powerful strategies, and who can avoid yelling, punishing or other toxic forms of behaviour management will see changes in the first few weeks... This Program is designed to help you make sweeping changes and will show you how to target specific behaviours as soon as the Program commences. Step-by-step you will be guided through the 'potential maze' that is behaviour management. Change will actually start to take place quickly (even for the most stubborn of children) but obviously genuine change takes place with further time and commitment to the Program. We tell parents to get things sorted out now, so that when those tumultuous high school years arrive, they've got a solid foundation to work with, and a great head start!


My son has extreme oppositional behaviour. Can the Program help us?

Isn't it amazing how many little children are now diagnosed with this newly discovered ‘Oppositional Defiance Disorder'. Where was this diagnosis 50 years ago? We won't go into that now, but we will say this: The Powerful Parenting® Program has been helping children who have been deemed to be both defiant and oppositional!

In 2009 a mother contacted us. All the ‘powers-that-be' had decided her son had extreme ‘Oppositional Defiance Disorder' and must be medicated...Ostracized by the other parents, and with some fear of failing yet another behaviour program, the mother began the Powerful Parenting Program. Below are just some of the words this same mother shared with us a few months later.... (Naturally we have not printed her full name here as to protect her privacy).

“Things are unbelievable in our house now. My son is eating this program up. This is not what we expected. And no tantrums since starting the program. Thank you. Mrs Collins, Sydney Australia


Why is the Program purchased as a download?

The Powerful Parenting® Program is downloadable for a few reasons:

1. Pure convenience!

We know everyone out there is only getting busier! No matter where you are in Australia or Internationally, once we have received your payment there's no waiting for the post to arrive! There's no having to find the time to pick up your registered mail! We will send you the entire program and you will simply download it straight to your computer! Easy!

2. A great price for parents and educators!

In order to keep the price down for all the mums and dads (and educators!), we decided the 200+ pages of this valuable resource would be downloaded directly to your computer. Many colleges, business schools and universities now keep their prices down by having their courses and curriculums available online, so we thought we should do that too! So we had a special 'download' program designed by our web team and now the Powerful Parenting® Program and all its resources are ready to be downloaded with the click of a button! Some sections of the Program you will read, some you will need to print. Time, money and trees - saved!

“The program is fabulous! It is great having everything to print! Everything is done for you. We are really pleased we purchased your program!” J. Kreegher, Logan City Australia

“I have printed out your program and started reading! It is very clear and easy to understand for which I am grateful. I look forward so much to what's in each chapter! I find it very enjoyable as well as so informative.” M. Beveridge, Birkdale QLD

"My goodness. I read your program in two days and it worked so wonderfully and so quickly! We implement many parts of it each and every day. So much learning for all of us! It was a bit of a surprise that most of our son’s behaviour improved so dramatically when ours did! That was the biggest mind shift I think. Now we have our second son and we are so pleased to have the Powerful Parenting program!” J. Papiccio – Mother of two, Western Australia



  2. What makes Powerful Parenting® so successful and unique?  


1. All ages! All behaviours! We spent years creating this program so that regardless of the behaviours or ages you are dealing with, you get the powerful strategies you need to cater to your child’s individual needs! And it works! If you have tried everything else, you've come to the right place! This program will work when other techniques have failed! We will give you the system, tools and strategies to help your child succeed regardless of what issues they are experiencing! With this powerful approach, we’re yet to meet a child we cannot help!


2. A fully comprehensive and complete program! Designed to be a stand-alone, fully comprehensive resource, this program leaves no stone unturned! It covers everything from how to set up the home environment to succeed with behaviour, explicitly teach behaviour skills, respond to behaviour with meaningful consequences and avoid toxic forms of behaviour management right through to how to develop a relationship of love and respect with your child; build your child’s healthy inner voice, independence and self esteem; use highly-effective, behaviour-changing communication techniques; evaluate the quality of the school environment and how to regain your power as a parent, leader and authoritarian within the home as you strive for change yourself.


3. A ‘parent-and-child’ training program! Not a ‘parent-only’ nor ‘child-only’ training program, this Program is a ‘parent-and-child’ training program — the only format for long-term, genuine change. This is our way of ensuring the entire family develops the skills for success!


4. Affordable, convenient and fully downloadable! No ongoing specialist appointments! No expensive consultancy fees! We will send you the entire program straight to your computer. Easy, convenient! Once you download the Powerful Parenting® Program you can start with practical strategies straight away! The program includes all the resources you need including 100 +pages of beautiful designed resources.


5. Powerful, proactive and preventative!  We know what works with behaviour management and what regularly fails. No more reacting with punishments, yelling or tension! We will put you back in the driver’s seat where you belong, and show you step-by-step how to prevent problems while ensuring genuine change takes place with existing issues! We will give you a completely new way of approaching your parenting and managing your child’s behaviour as you help your family achieve the peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives you all deserve.


6. A Long, proven track record! Countless children, countless issues! The powerful strategies and principles that underpin this Program have succeeded with a large variety of children with very different behavioural, emotional and social needs — and will work for your child too! Please read our Terrific Testimonials! Many of these parents were just like you!


7. 12 Steps all working together for remarkable results! No more searching for the ‘answers'!  The Powerful Parenting® Program will take the stress out of parenting for you by giving you the clear and concise answers you’re after. Our parents learn how to be firm yet loving, skilled and confident behaviour managers while all 12 steps of the program combine to produce real results.


8. Long-term success! Powerful Parenting® is not something you will start, and then stop. It is a ‘way’ of approaching behaviour management that will guide your parenting and give you ongoing behaviour management success. Once you learn these life-changing strategies, you will come to rely on them as a part of your parenting as your child transitions from early childhood to those challenging upper primary school years! You will be assured of long-term powerful parenting results!


9. Highly-effective, unique and guaranteed to help! Powerful Parenting® doesn't pull any punches. It's based on practical, behaviour-changing strategies that will put in back in the control seat where you belong... It's honest, easy-to-follow, and will result in huge changes for the whole family. It will both challenge and inspire you to become the strong, fantastic parent your child needs you to be, while helping your child to become the respectful, kind, loving and cooperative son or daughter you will be proud of.


10. So much more than behaviour management! The Powerful Parenting® Program is about so much more than managing behaviour! You will learn how to help your child develop a healthy inner voice, develop their self-esteem and self confidence;  make great choices; take full responsibility; problem solve calmly and independently, become a strong leader, listen effectively, follow rules and routines; be self-managed! The list goes on! This program will have you all embracing change, building onto your successes; having fun together, celebrating your achievements, and enjoying relationships with each other as your family moves forward! Please see our ‘PROGRAM’ page and ‘TESTIMONIALS’ for more details!


                 3. Privacy, Payments and Online Security:               


What are my payment options?

Don't necessarily want to purchase the Powerful Parenting® Program with your visa online? That's no problem! At Powerful Parenting Australia we have multiple payment options other than Visa payments! We have BPay payments, over the phone right through to payments made at Australia Post (for Australian clients). All payment methods are safe, convenient and fast. Once you go through the payment process on our web page called, ‘The Shop', you will presented with a list of payment options. Simply choose the payment method that best suits your timetable and situation!


Can you tell me about the E-commerce company use for payment transactions?

The Ecommerce Company we use for all our payment transactions is the Industry leader, StrataPay.

StrataPay (Australian Business Number: 52 097 607 451) is an Australian E-Commerce company that provides businesses with multiple payment services. Located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, StrataPay has no less than 15 691 companies using their trusted payment services.

StrataPay Pty. Ltd. provides customers with the latest in security and technology. Their secure Online Payment Gateway is 128 bit encrypted and offers full security and traceability on all transactions. Their Administration Console is also 128 bit encrypted for your added security. All funds processed through the StrataPay Trust Fund Account are held by the ‘Heritage Building Society' - a well-known and respected financial institution found throughout Australia.


What about online security and data integrity?

StrataPay take every precaution to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information by using industry-recognised security safeguards such as firewalls, coupled with carefully developed security procedures to protect your information from loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration.

Customer information handled by StrataPay is secure, while personal information remains strictly private is NEVER shared with others. Financial data is secured and not compromised. All StrataPay systems are in compliance with Australian Regulations that stipulate critical business data must not be made available or disclosed to any unauthorised persons.

StrataPay Pty Ltd is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), as required by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) – the Australian Government organisation that permits a company to deal in the financial services business of non-cash payment products. StrataPay's licence and provisions can be viewed by following this link to the ASIC website: (StrataPay's AFS Licence number is 247378).

To View the StrataPay License        To View


What currency are the transactions in?

All transactions are enacted in Australian dollars.


Powerful Parenting® is all about giving parents the skills they need for success, and children the skills they deserve for life!

  • No ongoing specialist appointments!
  • No expensive consultancy fees
  • No academic jargon!
  • No more searching for the ‘answers'
  • No more punishments, yelling or tension
  • Step-by-step and practical
  • Fun and easy-to-implement
  • Solve behaviour management issues for years to come!
  • Achieve great success as a family!
  • For amazing results and genuine change!



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