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Lawrence Sharry

Powerful Parenting Australia Pty. Ltd. was founded by a dynamic father and daughter team from Australia-Davina and Lawrence Sharry.

With more than 30 years' experience, Davina and Lawrence are committed to helping parents and children achieve their true potential, and personal success.

Years spent in investigating 'Science of Life', Lawrence is dedicated to helping clients make dramatic and uplifting changes in their lives through highly unique and powerful life strategies.

He is considered a breath of fresh air in the field of personal self-development, and is committed to helping people regain control over all aspects to their lives- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Enthusiastic and motivated, Lawrence approaches his coaching and public speaking as he does his life-with a sense of humour and dedication to inspiring others. His approach is based on the understanding that if the spirit is right, the mind and body will be also right.

Ultimately, Lawrence shows others how to identify those aspects of their lives holding them back, and then inspires the very same people to live with strength and courage, spiritual wisdom and inner peace!



Davina, and her father Lawrence Sharry, are individuals who really care and genuinely want to help families, educators and children achieve great results with behaviour and behaviour management. I highly recommend this program and feel truly blessed to have found it. I look forward to watching their journey as they get the opportunity to change the lives of so many. They are my heroes. Vonnie Reyolds, Senior Nurse and Mother of two - Bondall QLD

"Lawrence Sharry has had an amazing influence on my life. Things used to be very chaotic. Effective decisions, happy relationships and personal success were all hit-and-miss. Then I heard what Lawrence Sharry had to say...Now I can honestly say, thanks to Lawrence's powerful information about how life works, I am 100% in control and my life is great...I thoroughly recommend Lawrence's Master Life Coaching to anyone who wants to turn their life around." Patrizia Di Marco B.Arts Music (Dist) Grad.Dip. Brisbane, Australia

“Lawrence has a remarkable gift, is visionary, warm and compassionate... He has truly inspired me to change my thinking and control what I am setting up for myself in the future.” Christopher Ivan - Dallas, Texas USA

“Lawrence combines his considerable knowledge and expertise with the highest moral and ethical standards. I recommend to you warmly and without reservation to anyone who may need his special services in life... In my capacity as a Justice of the Peace, I have known Lawrence for over 25 years during which I have formed definite opinions as to his amazing qualities and capabilities!” John R Gread, Evans Edwards & Associates - QLD, Australia

“Your information has been really powerful and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before... You’re the only one presenting the whole picture. Now I know I can handle anything! Thank you for helping me change my life, and find this new spiritual awareness and harmony.” K.Lee - Gold Coast, Australia