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WINNER: Westpac 'Business and Innovation' Award

Powerful Parenting Australia was so excited to have been nominated for the Westpac Business and Innovation Award! We were even more excited, when out of thousands of nominees, we won! Thanks to everyone who has supported us in getting the Powerful Parenting message out to everyone so we can continue on our mission to help parents, children and educators! And thank you Westpac Banking Corporation for this wonderful honour!


Powerful Parenting Australia and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Davina Sharry - Director of Powerful Parenting Australia recently met with the Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Kevin Rudd. The discussion focused on today’s behaviour, and how the Award-Winning Powerful Parenting® Program is helping numerous children, parents and educators achieve great results with behaviour. This meeting highlighted the Powerful Parenting Program’s success, and resulted in further motivation to get that Powerful Parenting message out to schools, staff and parents!


As featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Rachel Browne, Social Affairs Reporter for Fairfax Media, recently contacted Powerful Parenting Australia with regards to the article, "Answering a Child's Concerns". Such an important article in today's world and tackles the question of how to approach tragedies such as the school yard shootings we often see and hear about in the media. Regardless of the age of the children in your care, as adults we need to be very careful of what we say to children, and how we approach these topics and answer their questions. Thank you Rachel for contacting us and for writing this practical and relevant article to help all of us.


Training Presentations at Nundah State Primary School

We are so happy to report that we recently presented our behaviour management Speaking Presentation to the staff of Nundah State Primary School, and then a few days afterwards, to the parent body of the school!


As featured in News Limited

Recently interviewed by News Limited’s Marina Thomas, Powerful Parenting Australia was again highlighted, but this time in terms of helping children with learning difficulties. It was an honour for Powerful Parenting to be featured in this article with nation-wide coverage, but also to offer help and advice to parents needing guidance.


Sun Herald Article: Parents turn to drugs for quiet road trips By Eamonn Duff

Recently senior investigative reporter for the Sun Herald, Eamonn Duff contacted Powerful Parenting Australia to discuss the shocking statistics regarding parents drugging children to help them stay quiet on road trips. As the article title clearly indicates this was a highly controversial topic. At the same time this article was released by News Corp in the Sun Herald newspaper it was also featuring all over the news on national TV.


Creating harmony in the home - managing the children

In our last article for Bubbly Babies we looked at the first powerful communication technique which included teaching children about their behaviour through explicit feedback. This month we will continue on from there, and look at our next powerful communication technique to help you with behaviour management in the home...


Wellbeing Magazine Article on Peer Pressure

Carrol Baker is a journalist for the Wellbeing Magazine and was recently writing an article on peer pressure and pre-teen children. She contacted Powerful Parenting Australia to discuss some empowering ways children can walk away from peer pressure; how parents can help children manage peer pressure and if and when peer pressure can be a good thing and why?

Carrol Baker is a freelance journalist who writes for lifestyle and health magazines across Australia.

Powerful Parenting Success! Our Norwegian Interview!

Watch this short video, taped recently with Magdalene Eldevik - all the way from Norway to learn more about the success Powerful Parenting is having with families! We were happy to have been asked to do this short film and are really excited our program can, and does, help families from all around the world! No matter where you’re from, we all want to help children succeed in their self-control and behaviour management. Regardless of what corner of the earth you live in, we know we have the unique, highly-effective strategies that will work to help your children!


Featured Guest on Red Tent Radio!

Davina Sharry B.Teach. Grad. Dip. ECE – Founder and Director of Powerful Parenting Australia

Writer, Expert Panellist on Toddlers to Teens TV Show, Speaker and Trainer, Author, Senior Educator and Behaviour Management Specialist, Davina Sharry is no stranger to succeeding with children’s behaviour. In this interview, Davina explains why our approach to managing children'’'s behaviour is often failing, and what the new solution is to solving the behaviours we are faced with today. Her unique approach to 'Powerful Parenting' is changing families everywhere. Have a listen to the great work Davina Sharry is doing with families and children in this informative and highly enjoyable interview.




Filming with Paramount Video Productions

Powerful Parenting is so excited to recently have teamed up with Paramount Video Productions, and to be in a position to have their expertise and extensive experience in film production helping us get the powerful parenting message out there to families and schools! Watch out world – we're enthusiastically planning our international projects! Yippee!

In Focus Magazine Feature Article

Rewards, time-outs, punishments, counting to three… As adults we really do have numerous ways to try and control behaviour. Statistics show us, however, that more children are now suspended and expelled each school year than ever before.

In our feature article this month, we investigate why so many parents and teachers are struggling with behaviour and look into one powerful program achieving truly remarkable results with all ages and all behaviours. A must-read for all parents and educators, this article will be food-for-thought, and question the way we are all responding to behaviour.


Parenting Solutions Feature Article

Children’s Behaviour Seems to be Getting Worse. Should we Change the Children, Change the Adults? By Aaron James Lee, Ohio USA

Our editorial article today looks at that very question with resident behaviour management expert and Director of Powerful Parenting Australia, Davina Sharry. The reality is, behaviour management is now proving a challenge for the most-experienced adult. This article is a wake-up call for all parents and educators dealing with today’s child, and will expose a unique and revolutionary take on our approach to behaviour, outlining where we are all going wrong...


Regular Writer for the Toddlers To Teens Parenting Magazine

Davina Sharry – Director of Powerful Parenting Australia has joined a wealth of talent and will now regularly write with other experts for Toddlers to Teens Parenting Magazine offering proven parenting and behaviour management solutions.


Behaviour Expert for the Angel-Maker Challenge - As seen in the media

Recently Powerful Parenting Australia was invited to join the panel for the ‘Angel-Maker Challenge’. It is wonderful to see such an initiative and to a part of a great team of experts as the behaviour management specialist. The Angel-Maker Challenge, as featured in the media, is a additive-free project showing parents how to help their children’s behaviour by going additive-free in a 2 week food challenge. Supported by nutritionists and dieticians, the project has achieved remarkable results and received great feedback. We are excited to report, the Angel-Maker Challenge is about to enter into Education Queensland state schools.


Ongoing presentations at the Relaxation Centre of Queensland

Davina Sharry – Director Powerful Parenting Australia is a regular speaker at the renowned Relaxation Centre of Queensland. Speaking every few weeks to parents, carers, counsellors and educators alike, Davina shows attendees how to not only be fully in-control of the management of children, but how to excel at behaviour management. Feedback from these powerful training sessions often outlines how these strategies and techniques have dramatically changed people’s lives for the better.

Toddlers to Teens TV Show Expert Panelist

Davina was approached to be an Expert Panelist on the Toddlers to Teens TV Show by the producer Melissa Groom. Honoured to be a part of this innovative program, Davina now contributes to the show each fortnight offering highly-effective behaviour management strategies and powerful parenting solutions.

Co-Author of How to Create Harmony in the Home

Alongside a number of other very experienced experts, Powerful Parenting Australia co-authored this parenting handbook to help and advise parents on all topics ranging from health, finances, family management to behaviour management. Fast becoming the established and trusted authority on powerful parenting solutions and children’s behaviour management, Powerful Parenting Australia outlines a range of strategies and communication techniques that will help both you and your child succeed with behaviour.

Ludwina Dautovic – Director Red Tent Radio

"Wow. Having raised two adult children myself, I can see what a difference Davina’s work will make for parents, educators and anyone who works with children. Amazing! I can see the value in this service. Thanks Davina for sharing your insights with all parents in the world. Congratulations for developing such a phenomenal business concept." Ludwina Dautovic – Director Red Tent Radio

Children's Health and Wellbeing Expo

Powerful Parenting Australia now regularly contributes to the Children’s Health and Wellbeing Expo held on Australia’s Gold Coast to offer parents and teachers practical advice, help and guidance.

Powerful Parenting Speaking Presentations

"Powerful Parenting Australia does not teach parents how to use time out; nor do they teach parents or teachers how to punish or count to three. In fact, Powerful Parenting challenges the mere notion that to be effective in behaviour management it’s acceptable to be on the constant back-foot reacting to behaviour at all. No. What Powerful Parenting is teaching its audiences at venues all around Australia is how to teach children the skills we are punishing them for not having. These dynamic, powerful presentations leave no stone unturned, and ensure all attendees are armed with a plethora of unique strategies that work."  K. Lee Sydney Australia

Presenter at the Southport Library

Insights Parenting Program

Back by popular demand! Participating in the Southport Library ‘Insights Parenting Program’, Powerful Parenting Australia received rave reviews and terrific feedback for their behaviour management training presentations. Both the Insights Program and Powerful Parenting look forward to partnering together again in the near future to continue bringing parents this much needed help, training and information as a part of this community-based program.


Behaviour Management Training for Carers and Senior Case Managers

Share Queensland – A Non for Profit Affiliate of the Queensland Department of Child Safety contacted Powerful Parenting Australia to arrange behaviour management training for their carers and case officers. The training workshop allowed everyone to fill their behaviour management toolkit with new knowledge and techniques, and all attendees left with practical, highly-successful strategies they could begin implementing the very next day.

As Featured on iTunes

The team at Powerful Parenting Australia is absolutely delighted to now be featured on Apple iTunes! This publicity will not only extend the reach of the Powerful Parenting message, but spread the word to more and more parents that the Powerful Parenting 12-step downloadable Program has achieved remarkable results with countless families, and will ensure they succeed too!


Picnic in the Park – Family Festival

Powerful Parenting Australia was thrilled to have been invited to participate in this exciting and prestigious event for school children and families. State politicians, local council representatives, government and non-for-profit agencies, specialists, families and friends - all working alongside one another to offer parents help, services and great advice! What a wonderful event. We look forward to next year!


As featured on Mothers toolkit

Being a mother can be a challenge. Here at Mother's Toolkit we provide support to make life easier for mothers. And we've teamed with some really great businesses to provide you with a variety of services to help all the family. We pleased to have Powerful Parenting Australia on board as our resident behaviour and family management specialists.

The Founder and Director, Davina Sharry, has been helping children of all ages succeed with their behaviour for 20 years. She is a Senior Educator for Education Queensland and through her speaking presentations and powerful 12-step downloadable program is ensuring parents learn the skills they need for parenting success; while ensuring children learn the behaviour skills they deserve for life!