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The Problem!


Behaviour today can be very challenging even for the most experienced parent or teacher...       
On top of this, punishments, time-outs and rewards are highly-ineffective and failure-prone. Children need more from us than these short-term, quick fixes... As parents and educators, it is our job to ensure the children in our care receive skilled and focused behaviour management in order to develop the skills they need for behaviour management success!


Time-outs and punishments don't work!

Press PLAY, and in a few minutes you will learn how you can succeed with your family management and behaviour! We will also tell you how you can receive over 30% off your purchase of the Powerful Parenting® program!


To see just how much of a serious problem ‘behaviour’ is becoming for our children, teachers and education system, please CLICK HERE

To read the case against simplistic Time-outs originally developed in the 1960s, please CLICK HERE

To read the Australian Psychological Society Position Paper: Punishment and Behaviour Change, please CLICK HERE

“WOW!! This presentation was EXTREMELY Engaging!! I am now fully aware that my parenting and behaviour techniques are all very reactive... smacking, timeouts, losing toys.... and my boys are just getting more and more disrespectful and aggressive! Now I know why things are not working! I am not teaching my boys what they need. After today, I am so keen to focus on your approach of preventative behaviour management! I know a lot of parents need these strategies as we are all out there being reactive and doing the same things!” L. Cubito


We can help you and your children - long-term!

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