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Speaking Presentations that Educate, Train, Inspire and Motivate


Parents! Teachers, Carers and Counsellors!

Help us organise a dynamic, life-changing Speaking Presentation!


Speaking Presentations:

We are often fully booked delivering presentations at schools, colleges and educational centres. You can call us anytime to see if we have a venue you can attend as a parent; or better still, to organise a speaking presentation for your centre or school! The investment from parents is very reasonable - and is usually less than $30 for a very dynamic, strategy-packed 2 hours! Please read our feedback below!!

Please also read below to see what your parents and staff will learn in these action-packed 2 hours, and then it's simply a matter of calling us to arrange a presentation! We love what we do and our results - so we look forward to helping your parents and children with behaviour very soon!


Learn powerful, highly effective strategies that will teach your child to:

  • Listen effectively; cooperate more; abide by the boundaries
  • Be happier, calmer and more in-control
  • Be respectful to others, and build their self esteem and confidence
  • Be responsible for their actions, self-managed and independent
  • Problem-solve effectively with words, rather than actions
  • Avoid oppositional, defiant or aggressive behaviours
  • Replace anti-social or unconfident behaviours with socially- competent, emotionally-strong behaviour

Regardless of the behaviours or ages you are dealing with, Powerful Parenting will cater to your child’s individual behaviour needs, and will work!



Special Offer! Train staff for FREE!

Directors, Principals and Teachers-in-Charge – Read on to learn how you can help your parents, and have your staff train for FREE!


Book a Powerful Parenting® Speaking Presentation and succeed with behaviour!

At Powerful Parenting® Australia we have worked so hard to organise affordable and exciting presentations for parents and staff – all with one goal in mind! We are passionate about, and committed to, giving parents and staff highly-effective, preventative behaviour management strategies; and in turn, helping children benefit from skilled and informed behaviour management.

Engaging and dynamic, our high quality presentations are packed full of valuable information and powerful techniques that work with children of all ages. With not one time-out, reward or punishment in sight, we teach our attendees a powerful, yet easy system of behaviour management. The strategies in our presentations are based on years of working with children, and helping them achieve, fantastic results with their choices, self-control and self-management. They are guaranteed to work and achieve the genuine results and peace and harmony you all deserve! And our presentations are not all about behaviour! We will show parents and staff how to help children, with a myriad of issues, build and develop their social and emotional skills! It really is a comprehensive approach to giving adults the skills they need for behaviour management success, and children the skills they deserve for life! Please watch our video now and read our testimonials!




"We had tried a number of techniques including time-out with our challenging behaviours... To acquire new behaviour strategies, and for ‘consistency' with our families, we organised a Powerful Parenting Presentation. The presentation was of a high quality, and we found the strategies and language techniques of the Program justwonderful! I have been recommending Powerful Parenting to everyone. I think it would be so beneficial for all educators to be involved in this insightful program!" Kelly Harte - Director Grosvenor Hall Childcare Centre QLD


"On behalf of the Gold Coast Library Service, we thank Powerful Parenting Australia for taking part in our ‘Child Development’ program. We received such excellent feedback in relation to your presentation on ‘Powerful Parenting’ held at our Southport Branch Library, Gold Coast. Participants all agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity, and noted both your professionalism and passion during the presentation. Thank you again for your generous support and participation. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. Alison Kemp - Executive Coordinator Library Customer Services for the Chief Executive


"You have a fantastic ability to share your passion and it so resonates as truth. I will be recommending you and you program frequently!" Michelle Clear - Counsellor


“It was GREAT to get such a different perspective on how to manage and teach behaviour. I will stay away from strategies now such as naughty chairs and time outs. I think this talk would be so beneficial not only for parents, but in my work as a teacher aide working with children with special needs.” M. Abboud


“Excellent. I am so pleased I came to this presentation. I know now how to teach and encourage rather than punish. I wish you could spread this to every home and school. A Davina Sharry column in the paper weekly please!” Kaye Murphy


"As a new teacher and relatively new parent, this issue of behaviour management to me, is so important for learning and growing up in the world that seems so uncertain. Parents hold the keys to the doorways for children to step through as confident, calm and understanding individuals. I was so keen to hear this presentation. I learnt there is hope! You have tapped into something that I believe not only every parent but every teacher, and more importantly every pre-service teacher, should know! This is massive, and so important. Parents and teachers may feel overwhelmed, but when they start they will see the benefits!" Jacqueline Dunbar


"I had this presentation recommended to me by somebody else and I am so glad I came! I want to change my approach, and when a confrontation is likely to happen try to work with my kids on the problem rather than just react and punish. This program will help others, as most of others are set in the ways believing that we are doing things correctly." Rob Cole


"I thought this presentation would be useful and I could learn new skills. It was excellent. These skills of behaviour need to be learnt, and this has definitely given me direction! Brilliant! I will purchase the program. This program needs to be throughout all the schools and accessible to all parents!! Fantastic program and I feel very inspired!" Sophia Anderson


"We did the course at the Relaxation Centre in Qld. It was absolutely excellent. We gained so much out of those 2 hours and believed we instantly improved our parenting approach. We, of course, now wish to complete the entire course. Well done Davina, the world needs you and your parenting techniques! Thank you!" Monica and Shane Caligiuri


"This presentation was very enlightening and easy to follow! It was well-paced and enjoyable! I learnt to look at behaviour in the same way as teaching other skills such as reading and number and not to just expect children to ‘get it’, use lots of examples, and explicitly teach the skills children need. Yes! These were the most interesting parenting and behaviour concepts I have heard! Thank you... So great!!! Jo Wills


"We did the Powerful Parenting course. It was absolutely excellent. I have increased my children's chores, and groundings, curfews, no dinner until jobs are completed... And now I know why these are just not working. It’s time for me to change, and for me to enjoy my kids, have fun and teach and grow with them. So many parents were brought up the way we treat our children! The cycle can be broken and redirected in a more constructive way. We can create a new generation with this information." E.Barbarich

“I took three pages of notes! This was brilliant. So informative. I will change from Reactive to Preventative behaviour management. This is an entire shift in mindset for parents and teachers.” Mark Kope


“Today was so reassuring. Really good! I want to handle my children’s behaviour better. I’ve learnt so much today–there is too much to write about. I definitely think this can help many parents.” Dale West


“Wonderful! Very insightful and so thorough! Today I have learnt the importance of a full and comprehensive approach to children behaviour management and the importance of love being central to this approach.” Achn Nair


“Our 6 year old is screaming at us, hitting and yelling at friends. This presentation for us and these problems was awesome. It makes perfect sense and has given us the tools to move forward. The communication strategies are based on empowerment, and the establishment of friendship was fantastic as was the idea of awards not rewards.” M and A Walker


“I have learnt about powerful, explicit feedback, loving-elevated language and well as how to teach behaviour skills. This has been so eye-opening. I have a seven year old boy with very attention seeking behaviour. He is anti-social at school and physical with the other children, as well as disruptive and oppositional. I will benefit from all these preventative and proactive approaches, thank you. This has been eye-opening for me and a real realisation of the redundancy of my approach of consequences.” Jennifer Black


Special Offer! Have your staff trained for FREE!

Yes, FREE! We are both excited and pleased to offer you this special offer! Not only can you arrange for your parents to attend this cost-effective, information-packed training session, but you can also organise to have your staff train for FREE at the same time! The Director of Powerful Parenting® has 20 years experience in education, and knows how important it is to have parents and educators united and working together!

Please contact us today for your information pack and learn how easy it is to have both your parents and staff benefit from this exciting opportunity.


A note on speaking engagements interstate and abroad

You know, at Powerful Parenting Australia we are so motivated to help families and educators that we can't imagine any travel distance being too great. We will travel to wherever there are parents, staff and children. All our speaking presentation equipment is ready for transit, and we find that travel and time considerations fit easily, and economically, into the speaking presentation arrangements. Flights, accommodation and ground transfers can be easily arranged once the presentation is booked.


Decide today to help your staff and parents and the rest is easy!

Once you decide to help your parents, children and staff, the rest is easy! We've done all the 'heavy lifting' already and will send you everything you need including promotional material, registration forms and accompanying documentation. There's very limited administration for you to do, and setting up on the day is always easy!


Let us help the parents, staff and children in your organisation!

  • Minimal preparation!
  • Inexpensive pricing for parents
  • No academic jargon!
  • No more searching for the ‘answers' for staff and parents
  • No more time-outs, punishments, yelling or tension
  • Step-by-step, practical and powerful techniques that work!
  • Dynamic, high quality presentation packed full of proven, highly effective strategies
  • Families and staff achieving behaviour management success together - That's powerful!
  • Benefit from amazing results and genuine change!


Contact us!

Contact us today to organise a Powerful Parenting® Speaking Presentation package for your school, centre or organisation. We look forward to hearing from you soon and ultimately partnering with you to help the staff and families in your organisation!

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