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Just some of our Terrific Testimonials!! Yippee!!


“Brilliant – Captivating! You had us all spell-bound!"

“Honestly, I was thinking during this presentation: This was the BEST, most helpful PD I think I have ever attended!” Definitely, parents need this. Thank you!” 


“This was very thought–provoking as a parent myself I will move to change my ways.”


“Very interesting! I learnt new ideas for not only the workplace, but for my home as a parent. Such powerful and interesting ideas for parents to use at home. You will help parents with difficult children.”


"This should be compulsory for all parents!”


“AWESOME! What a great presenter! I will not only take these skills into the classroom, but into my own home!! I absolutely agree, parents need this and to follow your strategies and steps! I loved all of it!! LOVED IT!!”


“I applaud your enthusiasm! Lucky parents to have this."


“Thanks for doing this! Today was very motivating. Parents need these strategies to be able to cope with behaviour.”

“AMAZING! So inspirational!! I learnt today how to manage so many children at one time. Parents need this SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU!!!”


“FANTASTIC! LOVED your enthusiasm and the relevance you had to our classroom practices!”


“Interesting, entertaining and informative... I will purchase the program, and absolutely recommend to others!”




What Colleagues, Educators and Counsellors say:


"Having helped so many children achieve success with their behaviour at school, it is truly wonderful Powerful Parenting is now available for parents so they can achieve the same success at home!" Patrizia Di Marco B.Arts; Grad. Dip. Teach



“We found the strategies and language techniques of the Powerful Parenting Program wonderful! I have been recommending Powerful Parenting to everyone! I think it would be so beneficial for all educators to be involved in this insightful program!” Kelly Harte – Director Grosvenor Hall Childcare Centre


“We had many parents asking for help with parenting. I was really glad to have found Powerful Parenting Australia to come along and present a workshop for us... Staff and parents found the information very useful with strategies that we can all use together. Davina Sharry is so passionate about her beliefs in regards to children’s behaviour, and this comes across to ensure that the audience is engaged and entertained. All participants went away feeling so inspired with a new attitude towards their parenting. Thank you SO much Davina, and we look forward to you doing regular workshops at our centre in the future!” Sharon Mumford, Child Care Centre Director - QLD



"I believe Davina has the positive outlook, combined with her sincere desire to help all children achieve great outcomes, that characterises her as a teacher of superior quality. Her behaviour management system is not only highly effective, but supportive and non-coercive for children.

Davina has the knowledge, zeal and dedication that enables her to be an educator of the highest calibre. Her pedagogical skills are founded on best practice and her underpinning attitude always focuses on the welfare of others. I willingly vouch for her character and her work ethic and believe her to be a person of industry, integrity and sincerity.” Graham Fuller, Principal Brisbane QLD 



“The past few weeks have been very enjoyable for me! What a change! I am sure Davina has added years to my life with the relief from the stress I was experiencing! I have worked as a classroom Teacher aide for Education Queensland for 20 years, and found it increasingly challenging to work with disruptive students. Davina is inspiring in her approach and enthusiasm.

She shared her behaviour management ideas with me, and I have learnt to gain back control of these upper primary boys. Since I have put her behavioural methods into practice, I have been amazed at the change in behaviour and positive response in these older students! I also feel more confident having gained these skills! My heartfelt thanks Davina!”  Veronica Garthe, Queensland Australia



“As an early childhood educator, Davina has the proven ability to remediate those children needing individual and developmental attention. Her wealth of talent and skills excited not only the children but parents and staff. Davina's pedagogy, knowledge, communication and professional ability has been an asset for us and our teaching staff.” Sharon Johns – Director Hillcrest Early Childhood Kindergarten and Nursery, Logan City Australia


“I work in a Kindergarten and needed more skills in behaviour management. Thankyou. These strategies are so practical and powerful.” Linda Casey - Teacher


“I am a teacher of children with special needs and behaviour problems. I am also a grandma with grandchildren. This presentation was a fabulous combination of all the factors in excellent behaviour management. I am so pleased someone is presenting this approach to parenting and behaviour management.” Bronwyn Patrick - Teacher


“I am always looking for new ideas. This Powerful Parenting Presentation was excellent. Thank you. I definitely believe Powerful Parenting can help parents with their behaviour management and families needing help. Again, thank you.”  N. Hunter – Teacher


“This was awesome and I mean awesome. Great! To the point, very factual. I have learnt that the language I use when talking to children needs to build confidence/fun and pride. This was a great opportunity to learn how to start from the ground up and change my behaviour. Yes… This could help other teachers.” Travis O - Teacher


“I attended this presentation to further develop my skills and knowledge as an early childhood educator. Your passion was inspiring! WOW! This was empowering for me as a teacher! It seems so simple, but the penny has really dropped for me!! This program empowers adults and children!” Erin Thompson - Teacher


“Great presentation! No time to get bored! Your passion and belief are inspiring and infectious.You reinforced what I truly believe – if parents experience this program and succeed as ‘Powerful Parents’ teaching will become the pleasure it used to be! I will be recommending your program as I believe it provides the knowledge and skills that we have lost. Loved your explicit teaching!!! Well done!” Julie Upton – Teacher of 30 years


“Reacting to behaivour doesn’t change the behaviour! I need to change my approach from reacting to proactive. And I have to learn these communication techniques! I think this program will help other parents, as parents are struggling using techniques they had used on them which are not working. Mr Paul Fullagar – Teacher


“I am an early childhood educator. I’ve lots of new strategies now for myself and the parents of the children in my care!” D. Baille - Teacher


“As a new teacher and relatively new parent, this issue of behaviour management to me, is so important for learning and growing up in the world that seems so uncertain. Parents hold the keys to the doorways for children to step through as confident, calm and understanding individuals. I was so keen to hear this presentation. I learnt there is hope. You have tapped into something that I believe not only every parent but every teacher, and more importantly every pre-service teacher, should know! This is massive, and so important. Parents and teachers may feel overwhelmed, but when they start they will see the benefits!”  Jacqueline Dunbar


“You have a fantastic ability to share your passion and it so resonates as truth. I will be recommending you and you program frequently!” Michelle Clear - Counsellor


“I am a counselor and I specialise in child therapy so I am always looking for helpful and useful strategies. This was so well researched. I love these new strategies. Most of us are still thinking, and all using, old techniques – which are not working. I will recommend Powerful Parenting to my parents.” Liz Cowen



I’ve been organising speakers now for our centre for 39 years from many, many countries. Every now and again a speaker comes in and I think, “Wow this person has really got something which I’m so looking forward to sharing with other people.” And one such person was Davina Sharry.

I met Davina about three years ago. As soon as I heard her speak, I thought, here is a person who has such a passion and enthusiasm, and such a love of children. She also seemed to have an innate understanding of children and behaviour. As I heard her, and watched her working with people over the years, I realised that the word ‘education’ which comes from Latin and means to lead, is exactly what Davina does. She leads qualities out of children. She seems to have the ability to listen, and then be able to respond to children who are causing all sorts of difficulties. She can bring them out and get them to feel that sense of ‘I’m ok, I’m a special kid...’ Just as every other kid is special – ‘I do have something special to offer...’

Over the years now, we have put on so many courses, and I remember one woman came out after listening to Davina speak, and said, “That was 2 hours of sheer enthusiasm and I’ve never felt so excited in my life!And when we look to the feedback Davina receives, the enthusiasm and what people say is always similar, ' Wow this has the potential to change our whole family life...' And then we hear later just what her information has done for people...

What Davina Sharry is offering is something, I think, that is really wonderful and I cannot more highly recommend it.  I don’t often put things like this in our 'Speakers Program Newsletter’, but I’ve often written, 'This is a MUST!' above her courses. ' Don’t miss this whatever you do! Don’t drive past, come in and do this course because I think this is something very special! I really recommend this to you!' Lionel Fifield – Director, Relaxation Centre of Queensland for National and International Speakers



What parents and clients say:

“Things are unbelievable in our house now! My son is eating this program up! This is not what we expected! And no tantrums since starting the program! Also after reading your program, we have realised that our son is managed through reactive behaviour management at school and that is why his behaviour gets worse. Thanks so much for the program and for your continued support. We really do appreciate it.” Melissa Collins, Brisbane Australia


“This program is fabulous! It is great having everything to print - everything is done for you. We are really pleased we purchased your program!” J. Kreegher, Logan City

The Powerful Parenting Programme, developed by Davina Sharry has, and continues to be, a huge part of my everyday behaviour as an adult, in turning my own life around. I believe it is a revolutionary program consisting of 12 simple steps to achieve behaviour success for the entire family as they learn together. The program strategies are not about time-out and punishments, but about teaching children the skills they need to succeed over the long-term. Davina, and her father Lawrence, are individuals who really care and genuinely want to help families, educators and children achieve great results with behaviour and behaviour management.  I highly recommend this program and feel truly blessed to have found it. I look forward to watching their journey as they get the opportunity to change the lives of so many. They are my heroes.  Vonnie Reyolds, Senior Nurse and Mother of two - Bondall QLD


“Starting your program has made a big difference to our son. We never have to worry about his behaviour now, he just does what we ask. We love being with each other now and we feel like we are more like a normal family each and every day! Much love to you for all that you did for us.” M. Collins, Sydney Australia

“I highly recommend Miss Sharry's discipline and behavioural management system and would be extremely happy if it was implemented in each class in the school. This opinion is also supported by several parents who have children in the same class.” Mrs L Prakelt, Thornlands QLD

“Thank you so much! I was truly inspired by the talk you gave last Saturday. Having recently been referred to our Paediatrician and on to a Psychologist for assessment of my youngest child (by her school), I was on the lookout for any and all ideas which might help with her aggressive behaviours. It was surprisingly a very moving experience for me, and highlighted a lot...It has also been so very surprising to us that by implementing only a couple of the strategies from the program - it has totally turned our household on its head! By just focusing on a few of your communication techniques my youngest (known for her rebellious, demanding nature) fell straight into line and became a pleasure and compliant person to deal with! I'm feeling so optimistic about the weeks ahead. Kindest regards, all our appreciation!” J. Boyd


“Thank you for everything you have done to help Callum.. He has calmed down so much since you have helped him. Thank you for boosting Callum’s self esteem.” Melanie Stern, Illford Essex, London UK

“I first met Davina Sharry at a behaviour and parenting talk held at the Southport Library and from the moment I walked in and saw the 'positive' behavioural messages on posters around the room, I knew that this lady was going to be an awesome speaker! And she was! Her experience, knowledge and practical approach in educating parents, teachers and children was very inspiring. I was so motivated by Davina that I not only wanted to get her 12 step strategies from the Powerful Parenting Programme myself I wanted to get this help out to parents regarding behaviour. I offered her a position to be a regular writer in my Bubbly Babies Magazine. My many readers were delighted with her articles and I am so very thankful to Davina for sharing her ideas and strategies to all parents and parents-to-be.  I look forward to working with Davina over the many years to come.” Susan Draper - Mother and Senior Editor of Bubbly Babies Magazine Gold Coast QLD


“I am truly appreciative of your programme and what it has done for all our family. I am SO PROUD of my son now. With every day I see progress and it makes me cry.” M. Collins, Sydney Australia


“Davina, I am writing to you regarding the behaviour of our son Dean who has learnt to be more responsible for his own behaviour. You have taught him that his friends and peers did not deserve his inappropriate behaviour. You've also taught him the importance of taking steps towards stronger, more controlled behaviour. Amazingly, Dean started to see inappropriate behaviour in others and would try to make them aware of what they were doing! Thank you for having such a positive affect on Dean!” Dianne E, Redlands Australia


“The Powerful Parenting Program is an amazing, comprehensive tool designed to equip parents with all they need to raise loving, responsible and empowered children. This is not a ‘one-step cures all’ program or one focussed on time-outs unrelated to the behaviour. This is like a parenting bible. I love that this program looks at environmental factors first. As the creator of an online resource for families to easily remove harmful food additives, I know personally that behaviour management strategies will not work if there is something else at play. I love the communication techniques in the program which enable our children to be powerful in their own lives, make choices and solve problems that are the best for them, and their family. Instead of a quick fix, this program helps parents to teach behaviour children and create meaningful consequences that mimic what would occur for their child in the real world.  

Davina Sharry is a force of love, knowledge and a true understanding of how to set up your child and family for behaviour management success!!”

Alison Chandler Bird – Mother and Director of Angel Maker challenge helping children and their behaviour with food chemical intolerances, Gold Coast Australia.



"I first attended Davina Sharry’s Powerful Parenting Seminar almost 2 years ago and this is when my life changed!  That's a strong statement to use, but since using the Powerful Parenting Program with my now 5 year old son I have reduced my stress levels and changed my parenting practices for the better! Yelling, getting upset, time-outs and punishments – these just don’t work and were not good for me or my son.  

We have moved forward in leaps and bounds, and most importantly the program has given me the new powerful language I needed to teach and inspire my son, rather than punitive, negative measures that do not work. Of course, we will still have some work to do in the future as this is parenting, but now I know 'how' to have parenting success through useful, powerful techniques that teach my son the behaviour he needs. He is now ready to start school next year. I am so grateful for all the knowledge and strategies Davina has given me and would highly recommend this Powerful Parenting program to every parent! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Davina Sharry!!” Melissa Ridgway - Mother of two



"This program is so original. It's packed full of original strategies and steps all parents can follow to succeed with their parenting and behaviour." Y. Aksornnit, Bangkok Thailand


“One huge change since the program began is we have all come together as a family, homework is easier and mealtimes are more comfortable...My son is now he's starting to take pride in his room, making his own bed and tidying up! He even helps me in the kitchen and is learning to be proud and responsible. The program is working really well.” Chandal S - Sunshine Coast QLD Australia


“My goodness, I read your program in two days and it worked so wonderfully and so quickly! We implement many parts of it each and every day. So much learning for all of us! It was a bit of a surprise that most of our son’s behaviour improved so dramatically when ours did! That was the biggest mind shift I think. Now we have our second son and we are so pleased to have the Powerful Parenting program. Thank you for this wonderful program!” Jodie Papiccio – Mother of two, Western Australia


We are currently using your powerful parenting techniques for toilet training and they are working so well! We started just one week ago and our 2.5 year old son is going so well! Such success after one week. The communication techniques are working extremely well too! Thank you thank you thank you. Thanks so much for all your advice. Both of our children’s behaviour has changed. Our son doesn't throw as many tantrums and they both seem to have slightly longer attention spans now. Thanks so much for your encouragement. It means a lot.”  Jacqui Dunbar


What children say

“We have learnt to stop teasing, bullying, stealing, lying and we have learnt we must control our behaviour. Now everyone has improved. I used to be called ‘big ears' all the time and used to be very sad. Now I don't care what others say because I have learnt that I like my ears just the way they are!” Jazmyn M. Aged 8 ½


“I have learnt how to solve my problems with words and not with my hands and feet. I used to hurt people when they annoyed me. Now I fix my problems with my words.” Matt D. Aged 7½


“Dear Miss Sharry. It's Samuel here. Remember when you helped me with my behaviour? Well I will really really really really miss your help. You are my number one teacher and you are one of my best friends. You have changed me so much. ME + You = (Best) Friends!” Samuel S. Aged 11 UK


“Last year ... I bullied people and got lots of time-outs. In the classroom meeting, people say, “I like you but I don't like it when you tease me...This year I can cop it on the chin and can be in-control of my behaviour.” Dean E. Aged 9




What the audience says

“Thanks so much! Your presentation was really clear and very passionate. We needed an alternative to the way we were managing behaviour. This was fantastic! I feel all teachers need to do this training as well... I will stop what I’m doing and focus on teaching the behaviours I want to see. My husband and I have already started with some of your communication techniques!!! And wow!! What positive results! I could see my children just stopping and thinking before they acted out the same behaviour again!!! Brilliant! I am so excited, inspired and empowered to start implementing the entire program into our lives...Many thanks. I know we are on a positive path of change and growth now for all of us.” Anita Powerlett


“We were considering re-doing the Triple P Program. You presented this presentation beautifully Davina! : ) I was amazed AND SHOCKED at how obviously ineffective our current behaviour and parenting style is. Now I will be purchasing your whole program. Powerful Parenting will most definitely help others because we are all having the same issues with our children.” H. Bottger




“I enjoyed every word! I never lost concentration! I’ve learnt that parents need to change as much as the children! I will do these strategies for myself as much as for the kids and hopefully will have a more stress-free household. The Powerful Parenting Program is very easy to understand and you can do it in your day to day life!” Rochelle Cole


“I LOVED IT! Never boring and very entertaining! I am SO inspired and enthused by Davina… Put simply: What awesome concepts!! Thanks! I’m now looking forward to this journey!!” Vonnie Reyolds


“I feel really inspired and hopeful. Today was so well-presented. Now I know why the old strategies don’t work – it’s not my fault. I’ve tried Triple P and it is not working. I needed an alternative to the punishments and showing my disappointment. The old models of time-out, punishments and rewards are not working for others either. Your program reflects the actual real need of today’s children and parents.” Martha


“This presentation was recommended to me and I am so glad I came. I want to change my approach, and when a confrontation is likely to happen try to work with my kids with these strategies rather than just react and punish. This program will help others, as most of others are set in the ways believing that we are doing things correctly.” Rob Cole


“I thought this presentation would be useful and I could learn new skills. It was excellent. These skills of behaviour need to be learnt, and this has definitely given me direction. Brilliant! I will purchase the program. This program needs to be throughout all the schools and accessible to all parents!! Fantastic program and I feel very inspired!” Sophia Anderson


"We did the course at the Relaxation Centre in Qld. It was absolutely excellent. We gained so much out of those 2 hours and believed we instantly improved our parenting approach. We, of course, now wish to complete the entire course. Well done Davina, the world needs you and your parenting techniques! Thank you!” Monica and Shane Caligiuri


“We attended the course because we are expecting our first child and wanted to explore positive behaviour management strategies. This presentation had lots of helpful information, was well presented and ligh-hearted and inspiring. It gave me alternative strategies to rewards and punishments that are so common, as well as ideas for how to begin to implement these strategies. I intend to purchase the entire program as I feel it is such good value. I will be recommending Powerful Parenting to other parents who have also tried everything else.” Kate Thompson


“I have a three year old and an 11 year old. Both boys are great children but the 11 year old is just challenging me when I ask to do things. This presentation was excellent. Very good! I will change my communication and thinking now. I will be recommending this program as it has fantastic tools that we need. Thank you.” Rochelle Jones




“I have tried Triple P a few times... But I didn’t complete it last time... Today I learnt what I have been doing with my behaviour management when disciplining my children. It always left me feeling guilty. Now I feel like you are on my side. Thankyou. I think every parent should be a part of this powerful parenting program.” Sharyn Buckley


“This presentation was so very engaging and entertaining. This program should be in every school. I shall be absolutely recommending Powerful Parenting. Anything like this that comes from love is so good.” Marion Child


“This presentation was very enlightening, easy to follow and enjoyable! I learnt to look at behaviour in the same way as teaching other skills such as reading and number and not to just expect children to ‘get it', use lots of examples, and explicitly teach the skills children need. Yes! These were the most interesting parenting and behaviour concepts I have heard! Thank you... So great!!! Jo Wills


“This was very interesting! Davina Sharry, she is very enthusiastic energetic, easy-to-follow, a great time and fun! We need more teachers like her! I need this program as it has the right tools and strategies for parents as a step by step program!” Daniela Damerson


"This presentation was simply FANTASTIC! Wow. Interesting. Educational, entertaining and so stimulating! THANK YOU! What a very new approach for me! I feel I needed to come and listen to this and then purchase the whole program to consolidate my learning. Absolutely I think other parents need this. I would love to see you teach at our school!” Aniko Major


“This presentation was EXCELLENT, so insightful and very comprehensive. It has given me a much deeper understanding on how different children are today, and I will suggest it to others. Your presentation is very powerful and there would be much value in others attending.”  Marie Foster


“Miss Sharry, every parent I know needs this! I need the full program as I want reinforcement on what I have learned tonight. I have just learnt about Reactive Behaviour Management for the first time! This was really great. So inspiring.”  Aaron from Brisbane


“Wow. Havng raised two adult children myself, I can see why Davina’s work is making such a difference for parents, educators and anyone who works with children. Amazing! I can see the value in this service. Thanks Davina for sharing your insights with all parents in the world. Congratulations for developing such a phenomenal business concept” Ludwina Dautovic – Director Red Tent Radio


“We have problems with listening, laziness and yelling. I have done the triple P program, and didn’t find it useful at all. I’ve learnt to start teaching my children the skills I want them to have to become better behaved. Thank you." M. Kemble






“We have been dealing with tantrums, defiance and arguing... Put simply: OH MY GOD. This Powerful Parenting Presentation literally had me in tears. There was so much to learn during this presentation, and I was so affected by what I did learn, at times, you made me shed tears. I will be acquiring the entire program. Powerful Parenting will definitely help other parents out there!”  M. Jakovich   


“I am always looking for ways to improve and grow my parenting toolbox as my little girl grows. I really loved this presentation. It’s lovely to see someone else’s passion about helping children to be all they can be. I have already bought the 12-step program. YES!! Powerful Parenting is going to help so many families. Everyone is so busy these days and they want their parenting to be easy!” Louisa Pike


“This Powerful Parenting presentation was enthusiastic and compassionate. We learnt reacting to behaviour does not work, and this is our experience. We will use these techniques to uplift and promote our children self-worth. Today we learned how to teach behaviour. What a revelation! We are all floundering and coming to terms with our new breed of children and why our approach to discipline doesn’t help them. Absolutely - This presentation will help others needing assistance!" M. Williamson


“I have tried the Triple P behaviour management program. I am still dealing with a strong willed personality and we need more help. This presentation was so very powerful and positive. So useful. Thank you.” Andrea McKim


“I have Triple P. It is not working. I’ve challenges with cooperation with my strong willed almost 3 year old. Davina, this was great. Your passion and enthusiasm came shining through and you presented this in a way that made me completely understand. I know now I need to change my behaviour to show my son faith and teach him the behaviour I need him to learn. This program appeals to me because it is powerful, loving and positive. I don’t like the ideas of punishment. Children today are strong and defiant and our old styles of discipline don’t work anymore!” Steph Edwards


“I have 4 kids at home from 2 families and we’re stumbling with different rules, beliefs and strategies. This presentation was excellent. Thought-provoking and very enthusiastic… Tonight I learnt about explicit feedback, about teaching behaviour; and why reactive behaviour management never works…I absolutely believe other parents need this! The world has changed and our skills to manage our families also need to change.” Peter Whihey


“You are so inspiring – thank you! I have been to many courses! But you give me hope and have shown me where I want to be, and where I want to take my children. I have learnt today about communication that is based on encouragement, love and learning. I needing Powerful Parenting and would love to do this each week with you Davina! Thank you!”  Y. Reynolds


“This is such a new approach to parenting. Your principles just make so much sense and all are so much better than time-outs and punishments. All parents need to explore alternative approaches. Yes! I think Powerful Parenting will help many other parents.” A. Burnett


“So many of us focus on rewards and punishments as parents. Today was just excellent!! Empowering. You as a presenter should be talking to a packed stadium and to huge audiences – you are wasted on smaller participants. I know now how to bring about change. Thank you” Jen Cameron


“10 out of 10! Love your passion!!! Please keep up this good work!! We have tried everything! All the time-outs, the chairs, punishments, staying in the bedroom... Today I learnt the steps I need, and how to manage behaviour with lots of love.” Russell Powers


“I am a grandparent. I am here today to assist my grandson to have better behaviour. This was so informative, helpful and innovative. I have learnt how to teach, not admonish and yell. I will certainly recommend this training to others. Thank you.” Des Ridgway


“Everyone around me is recommending time-outs etc and those things are NOT working! Today was excellent. I’m getting the full program and I’m glad there is this solid reference ready to take away and use. This will help others – teachers and grandparents – because we are in a new time or era and people are realising that we need to use new methods and have new attitudes. THANK YOU. And congratulations on your wonderful work!” Lynette Loffel


“It was GREAT to get such a different perspective on how to manage and teach behaviour. I will stay away from strategies now such as naughty chairs and time outs. I think this talk would be so beneficial not only for parents, but in my work as a teacher aide working with children with special needs.” Melinda Abboud


“Davina presents this course with so much enthusiasm and belief. Very powerful messages and testimonials! Certainly this program will help other families. It covers all aspects of parenting.” Michael Percival


“Excellent. I am so pleased I came to this presentation. I know now how to teach and encourage rather than punish. I wish you could spread this to every home and school. A Davina Sharry column in the paper weekly please!” Kaye Murphy


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